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Danny Gallagher

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Danny Gallagher has written news and feature stories for newspapers and websites such as CNET, Mental Floss and the Dallas Observer and comedy pieces for Cracked, Mandatory and Maxim.

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2013912 1478561617137 lp  jackbox3 triviamurderparty thumb3 article

Trivia Murder Party for Jackbox Games

I contributed original and clever trivia questions and funny dialogue for this hilarious trivia video game hosted by a serial killer for Jackbox Games' Jackbox Party Pack 3. Click "read" to see some footage of the game.

Dejilvnxsaaxu3t article

RoboCop, the Movie That Blew Up Dallas Filmmaking, Turns 30

Dallas was more than just the economic epicenter for all of the film’s explosions, gunfire and endless downpours of fake blood that [director Paul] Verhoeven wanted for his movie. Dallas' role in RoboCop was physically bigger even than [actor Peter] Weller’s crime-fighting robot.

Blood finger 1200x600 article

Why are we so grossed out by our own bodily fluids?

Here's the evolutionary reason why we're not disgusted by blood, sweat and saliva until after it leaves our body. Hint: It may just save your life.

Redbull11 article

A look at the tech that fuels professional air racing (pictures)

The Red Bull Air Race takes the thrill of professional racing to new heights. CNET gets up close with the racing planes in the air and on course during a stop at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.

Flightoftheconchords 2016 promo 01 mattgrace 2250x1500 300 %281%29 article

Flight of the Conchords Say They'll Test Material for a New Comedy ...

Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie, the smaller one with the higher vocal range, talks about going back on tour with Jemaine Clement, testing new genres of comedy music and how performing live is like vacation to him.

Doom6 article

How First-Person Shooter Doom Became Dallas' Most Beloved and...

Id Software and Bethesda Softworks, a sister studio under the same umbrella of Id's current parent company ZeniMax Media, released a new Doom game last month. It's the fourth in the top-selling franchise, ending a 12-year drought when gamers thought they'd never get to go back to Mars and bringing Doom back to its bloody roots, planted firmly in North Texas soil.

Stephen tobolowsky silicon valley article

Actor Stephen Tobolowsky on Nailing the Role of Jack Barker...

Stephen Tobolowsky's strength as an actor is that he finds complexity in all of his characters; he doesn't believe stories can always be reduced to a struggle between good and evil. Take, for instance, the Dallas native's role as "Action" Jack Barker in the current, third season of Silicon Valley, the HBO comedy created by fellow Texan Mike Judge that looks at the ever-morphing tech industry.

Yes article

Will 'Who' marry me? Time Lords Tennant and Smith join proposal

The Internet is full of photos and videos of "Doctor Who"-themed wedding proposals.

Brad Trechak, an IT developer from New Jersey, saw an opportunity to raise the bar and give his girlfriend Missy Levy the ultimate wedding proposal for a pair of hard-core Who-vians, short of something that involved breaking the laws of time and space.

1200 article
A.V. Club

The hand that rocks the puppet

An Inventory feature for The Onion's AV Club that explores pop-culture attempts to make puppets appealing to adult audiences

Remy article

Meet the World's Youngest Foodie (and YouTube's Biggest)

At ten years old, you're not usually eating much besides pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and whatever your mother puts in front of you. But Remy Mumby, of Lansing, Michigan — and, very soon, of YouTube fame — sticks to baked deer hearts and dung beetles, blood sausage and brains, pickled pig lips and placenta, balls, and on and on and on. And most of the time, he likes it.


TTC drops Cintra, embraces NTTA

The Texas Transportation Commission bid farewell Thursday to Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte S.A’s bid for the State Highway 121 project.


Utah movie theater could lose liquor license for screening Deadpool

Brewvies Cinema Pub, a theater that serves meals and drinks to customers during screenings, is in danger of losing its liquor sales license after the DABC said the theater violated a state law that prohibits the sale of alcohol on premises that also offer certain forms of sexually oriented entertainment.

Museum article

A New Texas House Bill Triggers Debate Over State-Funded Music Museums

HCR 75, a bill introduced in the Texas House last month by Rep. Senfronia Thompson, seeks to encourage the State Preservation Board "to establish a museum of Texas music history as a permanent and integral program within the [Bullock Texas State History Museum]." Two of the people behind the Texas Musicians Museum believe those efforts are misguided and could even undermine the work of private music history museums throughout the state.

Pirate hippie mommas article

Denton Children's Advocacy Group Director Refuses Tattooed Moms' Donation

This past summer, Stacy Willingham and her fellow tattooed "mommas" got together to shoot some playful pin-up photos for a 2-year calendar to sell at $30 a pop. The calendar was a huge success earned them a hefty check to give to the charity of their choice and national attention. The charity they chose turned down their offer.

Bettner brothers article

Gamers on the go: A passion for video games and new technology has helped NewToy founders David and Paul Bettner get a 1-up on the video game industry

David and Paul Bettner, founders of a McKinney based game development company called NewToy, have created "Chess with Friends," one of the first turn-based multiplayer games for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch that has over 400,000 downloads.

And they don't even have what could be called a conventional office yet, unless you count the McKinney Public Library or the various coffee shops and cafes on the downtown square that offer free Wi-Fi connections.