Danny Gallagher

Danny Gallagher

Writer, reporter, blogger

Danny Gallagher has written news and feature stories for newspapers and websites such as CNET, Mental Floss and the Dallas Observer and comedy pieces for Cracked, Mandatory and Maxim.

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Screen shot 2014 11 26 at 2.30.16 pm article

Should You Be In College? A Flowchart

Find out if higher education is for you....

Screen shot 2014 12 03 at 12.11.27 pm article

Is She Into You On This Date? A Flowchart

Answer Yes or No to find out if your date is about to go to the next level....

Screen shot 2014 12 19 at 8.51.07 am article

Should You Kiss That Woman Under The Mistletoe?

Make sure you're making the right move under the mistletoe....

Screen shot 2014 12 18 at 2.42.16 pm article

What They Say About You vs. What They Mean At Christmas

Nothing is what it sounds like....

Screen shot 2014 12 09 at 5.05.50 pm article

What Your Favorite Dance Move Says About You

You can learn a lot out on the dance floor....

Screen shot 2014 10 29 at 4.12.34 pm article

What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by what candy they like....

Charlie neil degrasse tyson. article

Who Said It: Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Charlie Sheen?

There's a fine line between brilliance and bombast....

Shia lebeouf norman bates 1 article

Who Said It: Shia LaBeouf or Norman Bates?

It's a lot harder than you think....

Smith lama article

Who Said It: The Smith Siblings or the Dalai Lama?

One will give you knowledge. The other will give you a face palm....