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Danny Gallagher has written news and feature stories for newspapers and websites such as CNET, Mental Floss and the Dallas Observer and comedy pieces for Cracked, Mandatory and Maxim.

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Redbull11 article

A look at the tech that fuels professional air racing (pictures)

The Red Bull Air Race takes the thrill of professional racing to new heights. CNET gets up close with the racing planes in the air and on course during a stop at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.

Yes article

Will 'Who' marry me? Time Lords Tennant and Smith join proposal

The Internet is full of photos and videos of "Doctor Who"-themed wedding proposals.

Brad Trechak, an IT developer from New Jersey, saw an opportunity to raise the bar and give his girlfriend Missy Levy the ultimate wedding proposal for a pair of hard-core Who-vians, short of something that involved breaking the laws of time and space.


Utah movie theater could lose liquor license for screening Deadpool

Brewvies Cinema Pub, a theater that serves meals and drinks to customers during screenings, is in danger of losing its liquor sales license after the DABC said the theater violated a state law that prohibits the sale of alcohol on premises that also offer certain forms of sexually oriented entertainment.


Bacon-flavored seaweed is a thing now

Researchers from OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center came up with a recipe for a natural strain of an edible algae called dulse. It's high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and also has a strong bacon flavor, according to a statement from OSU.

Gb article

I wore a Ghostbusters suit for a week, and here's what I learned

Now that a new "Ghostbusters" reboot's finally in the works (which as of this week has my comedy hero Bill Murray onboard) I'm excited that a whole new generation will be introduced to the insane concept that turned me on to so many things I hold dear -- comedy, the supernatural, Bill Murray's undying awesomeness. However, that excitement does not extend to the new uniforms tweeted by director Paul Feig in June. The original jumpsuits didn't try to be flashy or even stylish, and they didn't need fancy reflective decals or flammable material. They looked like something your average blue collar worker would slap on because he knew he faced a dirty job.

Someone has to bring those uniforms back, and fast, before the new uniforms completely replace their memory. And I decided that someone has to be me. So for one whole week in summer weather hot enough for the city of Dallas to file a civil lawsuit against the sun, I decided to wear my uniform. Everywhere.


Jimmy Fallon raises awareness about horrifying injury called ring avulsion

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics in 2008, ring avulsion is rare but very serious. It occurs when a ring on a person's finger is pulled in some kind of forceful manner causing anything from "a simple contusion injury to a traumatic amputation."

Desert bus 580 article

Why these comedians can't stop playing the worst game in history

If you ask the people who participate in the annual Desert Bus for Hope charity game marathon, they'll tell you that slogging through this bleak wasteland of pixels is actually the least stressful and most fun part of the process.

Game marathon article

Game on (and on and on): How I survived a 24-hour gaming marathon

I stayed up for 24 hours straight this weekend for the nonprofit gaming organization Extra Life, which raises money for worthy causes annually by getting gamers to do what they do best: play fun games and fight their natural need for sleep.

Star wars mainedited article

The 5 people you'll meet at a 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere

In case you haven't heard the news (and if you haven't, I hope the coma was restful), there's a seventh Star Wars movie opening this week.

Millions of people from all walks of life will flock to theaters to find out what's next in the saga. Star Wars fans have been down this road before, and it's led to joy and excitement -- and heartbreaking disappointment matching the pain caused by all odd-numbered Star Trek movies combined.

That emotionally charged history has molded fans into several distinct types. Here are some of the people you'll see in the theater before the lights start to dim.

Palpatine article

We, the Empire: The (future) timeline of the Palpatine presidency

Candidate Sidious in Odessa, Ukraine thing got us thinking about politics closer to home. What if the Sith leader decided to run for the highest office in the United States? What if he won enough votes to move out of his massive throne and into that big leather chair in the Oval Office?